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Florian Schäfer florian at schaeferban.de
Thu Dec 4 15:50:59 UTC 2014

Am 04.12.2014 um 16:46 schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> 2014-12-04 16:29 GMT+01:00 althio forum <althio.forum at gmail.com
> <mailto:althio.forum at gmail.com>>:
>     Second choice: I would like "military". Is the overload of the key
>     such a no-go...
>     Third: I'll go for "military_vehicles".
> +1
> actually I am not completely sure about the "overload" problem,
> because we already do it elsewhere (might be a problem there as well),
> e.g. the key "bus" is not reserved to access-tagging alone, it is also
> used to declare the type of stop in the public transport alternative
> tagging (which didn't ultimately manage to takeover).

E.g. emergency=* has the same problem [1]. Imagine for example an
emergency facility (e.g. emergency=ambulance_station) with
access-restrictions (e.g. access=no + emergency=yes). You see the conflict?

[1]: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:emergency
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