[Tagging] Zones and defaults [fork from: access in the wiki]

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 5 18:25:43 UTC 2014

Am 05.12.2014 um 16:13 schrieb althio forum:
>> "defaults" are something for that data consumers need when actual data is
>> missing. ;-)
> YMMV... My current point of view is different:
> + "defaults" are something to make tagging easier and more efficient.
> + They allow redundant data to be missing and thus make the database
> cleaner and smaller.
> + If the default value must be changed (e.g. the regulations are
> changing) the bulk of the modifications is smaller.
> Also please imagine a new local mapper willing to add data. If it is
> easy to improve a bit the map with one straightforward tag (e.g.
> highway=living_street) then documentation, translations, answers and
> mapping are easier for everyone.
> If it needs a full chain of tags:
> highway=residential + motorcar=private + emergency=yes + psv=yes +
> disabled=yes + ...
> and full understanding of the access key, access wikipage, in English
> only; acronyms, caveats like access=yes and access=no...
> That is another story altogether. One single error in the tagging can
> screw it all.
> Maps are done also by local people for local people. Not only by very
> experienced OSMers, skilled with computers and fluent in English for
> fellow taggers.

Well, you definitely hit the best example. highway=living_street is one
of the major mistakes in OSM-history and should be living_street=yes
with the proper highway=*, similar to motorroad and bicycle_road.

defaults value might help but e.g. the last change in German law changed
the default value for motor_vehicle for bicycle_roads form "yes" to
"destination" but the change is fluently and one by one which means the
only possibility to get the right access tags is once again by tagging them.

Similar is true for zone:*=*. These tags are additional tags for
source:*=* and hints for other mappers but it is no substitute for the
real key and its value.

cu fly

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