[Tagging] New openstreetmap-carto version: please check country and state boundaries

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Wed Dec 10 17:29:27 UTC 2014

Dear all,

The newest version of openstreetmap-carto, the default rendering used
on openstreetmap.org, changes the way country and state labels are
rendered. Country and state labels are no longer rendered from the
place=country and place=state nodes, but are instead rendered from the
boundary=admin relations, using admin_level=2 for country labels and
admin_level=4 for state labels. This way, the size of the area can be
used to determine whether a label should be rendered (preventing for
example Isle of Man to be rendered at zoom level 4).

The version has just rolled out, and changes will show up over the
next few days.

In order for state and country labels to be displayed correctly,
mappers should make sure that:

- Country and state polygons are not broken (i.e. they must be a full
uninterrupted loop);
- Country and state polygons must have appropriate name and ref tags.

I already noticed a couple of places where the name and ref tag on the
place node differs from the name and ref tag on the boundary
multipolygon. Please make sure that the data is correct in both

Lesotho seems to be the only country with state nodes but without
state boundaries. It would be great if someone were able to import
state boundaries for this country.

Croatia and Senegal currently use admin_level=3 instead of
admin_level=4 for state boundaries. Using admin_level=4 seems to be
the international standard, which we followed in the stylesheet, so
these countries might want to consider changing their tagging.

Kind regards,

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