[Tagging] Watermill attributes

Zecke zeck at saeuferleber.de
Sat Dec 13 15:43:01 UTC 2014

Am 13.12.2014 16:23, schrieb Volker Schmidt:
> Compliments for the map. In fact I knew it already.
> That is the type of map that would profit from additional tagging for 
> watermills, like number of wheels.

Fell free to invent taggings. If there should be enough use by the 
mappers we might add different symbols. However I have the feeling that 
it should be sufficient to map one symbol for watermills and show the 
details in the "details" popup tab.

As for citywalls:
We interprete the term historic=* as "being of historic relevance" in 
contrast to "former".  Sometimes  it cannot be separated clearly and we 
are aware of the different  types of usage of "historic" in the OSM 
community. We have to live with it. So we see no problem in having an 
existic roman bridge tagged as historic. In fact we recommend to do so.

I remember the discussion came up for citywalls recently whether we 
should render them even if they aren't tagged as historic. Have to check 
on that.


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