[Tagging] Mapping of kids areas

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Mon Dec 15 12:31:22 UTC 2014

I don't see a need for a new key here.
The properties can be easily modelled with sub-tagging of playground:

   (btw, using "kids_area=both" in the older proposal is poor tagging since
    it is not self-explanatory and limits the list of other values)

Also there is the accepted playground=* tag for equipment,
you could add a tv area or crafts station as a value.

Dmitry Kiselev wrote on 2014-12-15 12:24:
> Playgrounds are usually outdoor facilities, kids playing rooms and areas are usually not.
 > Playgrounds almost newer are supervised by any kind of stuff.
 > Kids areas and rooms, in most cases have employees who takes care of kids.

Cannot confirm these assumptions. There are lots of indoor playgrounds
nowadays, some monster jungle-gyms in halls, which are not supervised
by staff, on the other hand there are outdoor playgrounds, e.g. adventure-style,
which are supervised for pedagogical or safety reasons.
(Experiential education, DE: Erlebnispädagogkik)

> Also there is different kind of activities for playgrounds and such subj.
> Sometimes such areas have tv-sets with cartoons, or drawing accessories,
> sometimes there is a teacher and kids could take part in small workshops, crafting something.

Crafts can be done indoors and outdoors. To conclude, playgrounds can scale up
and down, independently of being indoors or outdoors.

> Main point - there is difference in activities:
> Playground - go and play active games with kids.
> Subject - leave kids for a couple of hours in a safety and interesting place and do boring adults businesses.

Again that varies a lot and having two different tags here make things
complicated. Better are sub-descriptions under the same catagory.

> Mon, 15 Dec 2014 11:03:26 +0000 от Dan S :
>     The obvious question is: why not using leisure=playground? Since the
>     definition in the first link you give says "an area where kids can
>     play".



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