[Tagging] DE:Bicycle/Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren

Ulrich Lamm ulamm.brem at t-online.de
Thu Dec 25 12:59:59 UTC 2014

Dear mapping and cycling friends

as that article is in German, it is questionable, if the international mailig list is a good adress,
but in German language, I've found only local mailing lists.

As one can hear and read in discussions, and as is visible from the results of mapping, a lot of mappers know very little about the cycling facilities, they map.

And the WIki in all, the German Wiki in special, is a bit labyrinthical. Several guidelines are not complete, some describe only one of the serious schemes or even suggest(ed) a scheme that can't be called serious.

I've tried to accomplish and harmonize articles, but some people don't like that and reverted them. 

Now, as subpages of my user page, there are two more exact versions of "DE:Bicycle/Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren":

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ulamm/DE:Bicycle/Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren/revision from 23 December 2014
is an attempt of a comprehensive explanation of real cycling facilities and a comprehensive presentation of the tagging possibilities. On 25 Dezember I've done some lesser revisions.

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ulamm/DE:Bicycle/Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren/approach from 24 December 2014
explains the reality of cycling facilities, but on the guidelines only the biggest mistakes are corrected and only the biggest nonsens is deleted.

Who refuses to a comprehensive presentation of reality and serious tagging schemes, has to accept the reproach to submit to ways of tagging that inhibit optimal routing and correct rendering.

Merry Xmas,

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