[Tagging] DE:Bicycle/Radverkehrsanlagen kartieren

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 21:27:40 UTC 2014

It's the last case of "Cars in one direction, cycling in both".
I don't see what the value  of "cycleway=opposite" is, when there is
already a oneway:bicycle=no. Of course  cyclists while drive in the
opposite direction then and on the right side of the street  for them.

There is no cycleway so why would you tag a cycleway ? And the "opposite"
is only for cyclist driving against the normal flow, what about those that
drive with the car flow ?

For me this tag (cycleway=opposite) should only be used when bicycles are
only allowed in the opposite direction of the normal (car) flow. (and not
in the same flow as the cars)


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