[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - leisure=fitness_centre

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Sun Dec 28 22:35:06 UTC 2014

> Water fountains, benches, parking, etc. aren't tagged any different just
> because they are located inside a sports centre.

But are people searching for that the same way? If I look for stuff like 
that I'm probably somewhere outside and just look what's near me. Then I 
probaby realize pretty fast if it is public or private.

Would you tag a sauna inside a sports/fitness centre with shop=sauna or 
rather sauna=yes?

On the other hand if I look for a fitness centre I'm probably at home I 
want to find one to work out and see what's available in the city, how 
close it is, can I reach it with public transport, is there parking, 
look up the website for pricing etc. And having all kind of "private" 
gyms would not give a good overview.

> I like the original proposal leisure=fitness_centre. It would work no matter where it is located.

It certainly could, but then I would say we also need some kind of 
subtag to indicate if you just sign up for a gym membership or if you 
have to join some kind of larger sports club. Then do you tag this as 
individual node in a sports centre?

fitness_centre:access=membership, fitness_centre:access=club? private?
Or have something like fitness_centre=yes? (Not sure as we already have 

Honestly didn't think that much about this, because I just wanted a tag 
in the first place ;D

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