[Tagging] oneway=no spams

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Mon Dec 29 12:36:46 UTC 2014

On Dec 29, 2014, at 3:20 AM, Andy Street <andy at street.me.uk> wrote:

>> I notice a quicky increasing number of oneway=no tags on roads,
>> probably due to editors offering some flashy list box for the oneway
>> key.

If you mistakenly check the "one way" box on a road preset in iD, unchecking the box chafes the value to no, rather than "assumed to be no" (which is the default absence of the tag).  Clicking the box again resets it to "assumed to be no" , but soce we already know the route isn't one way, 
I bet a lot of people, myself included, simply uncheck the box (making it no) rather than the trash can to delete the tag. I bet that is where a lot of them are coming from.

I don't think people are intentionally tagging so many oneway=no, tags - it's just misunderstanding the presets. Maybe there are some situations where oneway=no is important (odd motorway situations), but I bet a ton of them are checkbox spam from iD. 


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