[Tagging] 'Variety' in UK English?

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Mon Dec 29 22:22:25 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-29 21:57, Florian Schäfer wrote :
> Am 29.12.2014 um 21:48 schrieb Steve Doerr:
>> On 29/12/2014 20:36, Steve Doerr wrote:
>>> On 29/12/2014 19:41, Guillaume Pratte wrote:
>>>> We are having a discussion on the wiki about the ‘varieté’ value
>>>> for the theatre:genre tag values:
>>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:amenity%3Dtheatre#variet.C3.A9
>>>> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Talk:Tag:amenity=theatre#variet.C3.A9>
>>>> ‘varieté’ does not seems English (shouldn’t it be ‘variety’?), and
>>>> it’s not French either (it should be ‘variété’).
>>>> I suppose in the US they would write ‘variety’. How is it spelled
>>>> in the UK?
>>> The same: variety. My impression is that, in French, it is normally
>>> plural (e.g. théâtre de variétés), so if we wanted a French
>>> tag-value it would be variétés
>> OK, the term varieté (and other genres) was introduced in the Wiki in
>> February 2010 by a German user called BlackBike. It seems there is a
>> German word Varieté, also spelt Varietee, translated by leo.org as
>> 'music hall' or 'vaudeville'. I'm not familiar with the subtleties of
>> these different terms, but it's not impossible that there is a genre
>> specific to the German-speaking world, subtly different from variety,
>> vaudeville, music-hall, or French variétés, which therefore needs a
>> tag-value of its own: theatre:genre=varieté.
> The German "Varieté" translates to "Music Hall" (BE) or "Vaudeville" (AE).
And regarding the other BE (Belarus), the term is варьете театр
pronounced "variété théâtre" exactly like in be (lgium) but with a very
slight Russian accent ;-)



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