[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Water tap

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Tue Dec 30 10:08:58 UTC 2014

On 04.12.2014 10:31, Kotya Karapetyan wrote:
>     For me, English common sense says a 'water source' could be a river,
>     lake, spring etc...
>     the portability of water is not a measure of its source (where it comes
>     from) but its purity...
>     So I'd think the key should be
>     Water_purity  with the key values 'potable', 'nonpotable' and 'unknown'
>     ('yes' does not imply anything in the context of water purity nor water
>     source).
>     That key can be added to rives, lakes, drinking fountains etc etc .. no
>     changes are required for present tags. Simply the additional information
>     can be added. 
> Warin, I don't know if you followed the discussion and saw the proposal in
> the wiki. 
> In short, it all started with the lack of good option to map a source of
> non-potable water, like a water tap. It evolved from there to the current
> state. The proposal from the last email reflects  to ~90 % everything
> suggested as the discussion proceeded.

In German, we have a verb "verschlimmbessern", which means to make something
worse by improving it. I agree with Warin that water_source=potable does not
seem right. It mixes source (origin) and target (use). water_source=* may be
fine with another set of values, and *=potable may be fine with another key
(drinkable=* and drinking_water=* are in use, and water:quality=* and
water_purity=* were suggested in this discussion).

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