[Tagging] question: best practices for micromapping ped areas and footpaths?

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 11:14:38 UTC 2014

2014-12-30 9:40 GMT+01:00 johnw <johnw at mac.com>:

> Ahh, I see - that makes sense.
> so,  I should leave the pedestrain areas as they are, and add an
> additional area for the roof (so I would have two areas - one the footpath
> and the other a roof with the adjacent areas as pedestrian)
> or
> make the entire area highway=pedestrian and have the building=roof are on
> a layer above it?
> BTW, highway=pedestrian+area=yes does not play nice with the layer tag -
> it renders over everything else, even when separated by layers (last time I
> checked). does this mean I should tag it in some other (more correct)
> fashion, or is this simply a rendering error that needs to be resolved and
> I should refrain from tagging for the renderer?

This is deliberate, and was explained in a mail in June:


highway=pedestrian + area=yes will always be over everything else. There's
nothing you can do about it, except make your own renderer :) Or try to
change their minds here:


As for your mapping, If you ask me, it would be better to map sidewalks as
lines tagged with highway=footway. That makes it much easier for routers to
get you to your wanted platform. If you really want to map sidewalk areas,
you can tag them as area:highway=footway. It's currently just a proposed
tag, but I think its philosophy is the best so far for mapping areas of

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