[Tagging] Rendering change: buildings within highway areas

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Mon Jun 30 21:36:54 UTC 2014

We have just rolled out version 2.16.0 of openstreetmap-carto, the main
Openstreetmap rendering. This version includes a change in rendering which
might make current incorrect tagging of some highway areas more noticeable.

Buildings will now be rendered behind highways areas, rather than on top of
them. The new rendering might cause issues with areas with buildings in the
middle. The correct way to tag such areas is as a multipolygon, with the
buildings as inner elements. This is because the buildings are not part of
the area itself - one cannot route people through the buildings.

As a consequence of the rendering changes, buildings inside highway areas
will no longer show up. To make the buildings show up again, please make
sure that they are correctly tagged as multipolygons.

For more information, see the issue on Github:

Note that due to caching, it might take a couple of days before all tiles
are rendered using the new version.

-- Matthijs
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