[Tagging] Architectural Monuments - ideas?

nounours77 kuessemondtaeglich at gmail.com
Sun Feb 16 20:31:45 UTC 2014


I'm currently importing a list of Architectural Monuments into OSM. The available information is the name, the architect, sometimes the construction period. But how should I tag it? I was thinking about three possibilities:

1) historic=architectural_monument: Some buildings are old, but most are recent buildings. And also the relevance seems to be sometimes not big enough to justify a historic tag.

2) tourism=attraction,  tourism=attraction:type=architectural_monument: Some buildings are from famous architects, and might be tourist attractions. But most might be more interesting to architectural interested than to normal tourists.

3) building=architectural_monument:  This is my preferred choice. As it's the building itself which is a monument. But it conflicts with other possible uses of the building type. E.g. if building=school or building=station, it's very likely to be among the architectural_monuments

There is as well "man_made" ... but I do not think this fits into a city.

Thank you for your thoughts!


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