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> I'm currently importing a list of Architectural Monuments into OSM. The
> available information is the name, the architect, sometimes the
> construction period. But how should I tag it? I was thinking about three
> possibilities:
> 1) historic=architectural_monument: Some buildings are old, but most are
> recent buildings. And also the relevance seems to be sometimes not big
> enough to justify a historic tag.
> 2) tourism=attraction,  tourism=attraction:type=architectural_monument:
> Some buildings are from famous architects, and might be tourist
> attractions. But most might be more interesting to architectural interested
> than to normal tourists.
> 3) building=architectural_monument:  This is my preferred choice. As it's
> the building itself which is a monument. But it conflicts with other
> possible uses of the building type. E.g. if building=school or
> building=station, it's very likely to be among the architectural_monuments

I like your suggesting for tagging "Architectural Monuments" but I'd like
more information,

What/Who defines what is an Architectural Monument? When I think it is more
along the lines of what Wikipedia [1] defines as a monument. What I think
of as a building designed by famous architects,  it is more along the lines
of a Frank Gehry building. i.e. The  Guggenheim
 in Bilbao <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilbao>.

Can you clarify your proposal to help me better understand. (Pics would be

Also, do you mean an actual import? If so, please make sure the list is
licensed appropriately for OSM and you discuss on the import mailing list.
Which I'm sure you intended to do.

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monument

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