[Tagging] Study area

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Thu Feb 27 11:59:37 UTC 2014

Dave Swarthout writes:

> I agree. This is not a typical office. Here is a link, with photos, etc.
> http://www.mayashoppingcenter.com/store/detail/C.A.M.P/4.html

I would not focus too much on the "office" in the key name. A footpath is  
also a "highway". But everyone would agree it is not a highway at all.

We treat the combination of key+values as a "tag", often the exact meaning  
needs a second sub-tag es well.

Question is whether a place where people come together to work (either  
business or work for their study) is a co-working space and how to tag it.

Based on your pictures and description I would tag it the same as the paid  
co-working places like punspace (never been there, but know pictures) and  
guru-box (seen in person).

Having it free might be just some form of promotion of the mall to bring in  
more people and hope they spent some money there as well.

Do you remember the ground floor of kad suan kaew where we had a mini-osm  
meeting last year? Quite common to have these social meeting points in  
malls. Still kad suan kaew differs as it was much more a general meeting  
place than the place you brought up which focuses on getting actual work  
(study) done.

So if we distinguish we should make a difference on the purpose whether it  
focuses on getting work done (coworking) or social meeting (meeting_place).


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