[Tagging] origin of some fire_hydrant tagging

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Thu Feb 27 19:36:48 UTC 2014


fire_hydrant:type should remain unchanged, as this is negotiated with local fire
departments here in Austria (as well as Germany). At least this is true for
pillar and underground, those are most common and most important.

Then there are fixed suction points, either from a pond or from the ground water
(well). There is no ideal tagging for this available, this "pond" may be adjustable.

Things like the color don't make that much sense to me, is this one


blue? or stainless steel? But everybody here recognizes this as a hydrant,
whatever color that is.

Hydrant class may make sense to you, this is what we use the diameter for (most
common are 80 and 100). Just to give you an idea how those are used (really used
by the local fire department there):


Other optional parameters as you like, they don't make that much sense to us here.

(from Vienna, Austria)

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