[Tagging] hazards (was: Feature Proposal - RFC - trafficability)

Gerald Weber gweberbh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 13:00:02 UTC 2014

> 2014/1/17 Gerald Weber <gweberbh at gmail.com>
>> But why only roads?
>> So why not a more generic tag to alert people about all sorts of problems?
> Oh please restrict that to official warnings! I can already see thousands
> of hazard tags of

The shark attacks in Recife are alerted by official signs.

> I really don't want to see OSM filled with their personal commented
> edition of the world.

I agree that this sort of thing may happen. Actually, I think this will
happen as in fact it already does happen all the time.

Almost everyday I see people changing highway priorities because they
didn't like the colour in the map.  The other day there was a fierce debate
in Talk-BR about excessive numbers of tertiary in a certain city, which
turned out to be mainly a problem of the map not looking very nice.

However, this is not a problem of tagging.

This is a problem of the over-permissive general structure of OSM which
allows everyone to do whatever they want without a minimal supervision. (No
flames here, thank you)

Eventually this culture will need to change if one wishes ensure minimal
standards of quality to the maps and to avoid the sort of things you fear
may happen. Wikipedia had to go through this painful
so one day will OSM.

With things being as they are, I am willing to cope with this noise and not
have my leg bitten of by a shark.


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