[Tagging] Fixing wrong opening_hours automatically

Robin `ypid` Schneider ypid23 at aol.de
Wed Mar 5 20:25:43 UTC 2014

On 05.03.2014 20:28, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> Am 05/mar/2014 um 19:15 schrieb Robin `ypid` Schneider <ypid23 at aol.de>:
>> 'nach vereinbarung' -> '"nach Vereinbarung"'
> is this about the key opening_hours or the key öffnungszeiten? wouldn't it be better to change this to "by appointment"?

There is no key öffnungszeiten, but yes it is only about the key opening_hours.
As said before I am not going to change the meaning. The value '"nach
Vereinbarung"' is used more often so that‘s another reason for that.

Maybe an proposal should be created for some common comments to make it possible
to translate them to local language but this is not done yet.

Live long and prosper
Robin Schneider

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