[Tagging] Fixing wrong opening_hours automatically

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 09:47:52 UTC 2014

2014-03-05 21:25 GMT+01:00 Robin `ypid` Schneider <ypid23 at aol.de>:

> There is no key öffnungszeiten, but yes it is only about the key
> opening_hours.
> As said before I am not going to change the meaning. The value '"nach
> Vereinbarung"' is used more often so that‘s another reason for that.

I am generally opposing german language values in formalized tags *),
especially where a generic fact is expressed that has a corresponding word
in English like here. For this reason I am opposing that you normalize
those tags as it would distort the actual tagging numbers and next time
you'd be able to say that there are even more of these values, all unified
in the same clean format ;-)


*) the basis for our tagging are English tags, worldwide, so that people
can use the data easier, if we started to use localized tags in hundreds of
languages OSM would soon become almost useless or at least the effort of
producing even a simple map would become huge.
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