[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - drinkable

Rudolf Martin rudolf.martin at gmx.de
Fri Mar 7 09:33:09 UTC 2014

I'm thinking about transfering my proposal "drinkable" to a new 
proposal "drinking_water". The proposed values can be the same.

This means migration of "drinkable=yes/no" to "drinking_water=yes/no".
The new tagging-scheme use one tag for standalone features that can 
provide drinking water and to indicate whether water is drinkable for
humans. It don't include a legal relevance.

Then "drinkable=" will be deprecated.

Up to now there is no approval and no wiki-page about "drinkable". So 
we mustn't change a definition-page in the wiki. All changes refers to 
elements that already contains a hint to "drinkable=".

Up to now there is no approval about "drinking_water". We mustn't 
change an approved definition.

I don't prefer "potable", because it is not in common use in OSM.

What do you think? Going on with the existing scheme or making a new


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