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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 13:34:57 UTC 2014

2014-03-07 13:12 GMT+01:00 johnw <johnw at mac.com>:

> well hot diggity-dog. There we go.

 in your case I think I'd most probably use "onsen" to have a very specific
tag for the very specific feature you are trying to map, something like
"hot spring bath" is not as specific as "onsen" (e.g. also refering to
style and the legal requirements you laid out above: "The water of "onsen"
bathing amenity is from always natural. And in precise, it is upper 25'C
and must have mineral element. (by law)"), an onsen is a japanese bath, and
this is IMHO worth pointing out, just as a restaurant will have typically
warm meals, but there is still a big difference between e.g. japanese and
say russian kitchen.

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