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2014-03-10 10:52 GMT+01:00 johnw <johnw at mac.com>:

> Well, to me, landuse=civic it is the land that public owned, public
> accessed facilities that not covered by a specific existing landuse (works,
> water treatment plant, school, landfill, highways, railways).

IMHO we should not mix "specific" and "general" values in the same key.
Either we use only specific or only generic values, (and do subtagging if
the main tag is generic).

If you want to state the ownership (public/private/etc.) I'd suggest to use
an additional tag, otherwise we would end up with different landuse tags
for the same feature (say a townhall or a ministry) dependent on the

Additionally it seems quite arbitrary which features are covered by a
"specific existing landuse" and which aren't, so this is a strange
criterium, why not invent other specific values for the missing bits?

> In the built environment (not natural), there are some *general* landuses,
> such as:
>  - 4 private landuses (residential, industrial, commercial, retail)

IMHO there is currently no connotation whether these are private or
publicly owned. This is about the use of the area, not about ownership.

>  - 1 Access restricted Public landuse (Military)

even military can be private, look at all those private military
contractors nowadays.

> But absolutely no public built environment general definition landuses.
> I can choose a specific one for a school, university/college, hospital,
> landfill, park, recreation ground, airport, etc, but not for the
> administration offices and other public services provided by the
> government. They have no generic landuse of their own.

so far I have used "commercial" for public administration places.

> I think it it is necessary that hospitals and schools have a separate,
> specific landuse, Just like a quarry or a landfill, but there has to be a
> catchall to throw all the myriad of offices into.

If we should introduce a new specific landuse still I believe that "civic"
is too generic.

> Now, there are building labels for these buildings, but not for the land
> surrounding them.

buildings are orthogonal to these kind of features (one feature can easily
be split over several buildings and outdoor areas and facilities, let's not
mix this up, the buildling tag says what kind of building this is, not what
is inside or how it is used).

While tagging these as I would a private office complex
> (building=commerical / landuse=commercial), I found that
> building=civic/public has no coorsponding landuse=civic/public tag, nothing
> remotely close.

I'd also question building=civic (way too generic IMHO).
building=commercial is some kind of office? There are also more specific
tags like "building=office_block" "building=office_tower", etc. for this.

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