[Tagging] Fixing wrong opening_hours automatically

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Mar 12 07:45:55 UTC 2014

Another question to the map:
do you consider POIs mapped as polygons?

The Heinz Nixdorf Museumsforum [1] in Paderborn is not shown on your map
although there's an opening_hours tag since months (if not years).



Am 11.03.2014 22:59, schrieb Robin `ypid` Schneider:
> On 08.03.2014 16:37, fly wrote:
>> On 06.03.2014 19:12, Stephan Knauss wrote:
>>> Robin `ypid` Schneider writes:
>>>> I mean the correction
>>>> '0930-0630' -> '09:30-06:30'*
>>>> seams quite straight forward and I guess if someone aware of the wiki
>>>> page about
>>>> opening_hours will find such a value he/she will change it by hand
>>>> anyway.
>>>> I assume that this will improve the data quality and will not lead to
>>>> opposite.
>>>> * value unlikely for this facility: added fixme node:
>>>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2600853055/history
>>> This is a perfect example of a change which should *NOT* be automated.
>>> with the "0930-0630" syntax it's easy to highlight on a quality check
>>> tool as the syntax is wrong.
>>> By checking the syntax a human would likely notice that the opening hour
>>> might be fine for a fast-food restaurant, but not for a government
>>> passport office.
>>> So a human mapper would not only fix the syntax, but also fix the wrong
>>> usage of a 12 hour time format and write "09:30-18:30", probably even
>>> noticing it's not open every day and writing "Mo-Fr 09:30-18:30".
>>> When your bot would have changed it to "09:30-06:30" it's a lot more
>>> difficult to actually spot this suspicious data.
> Point for you. I guess I can not correct this case only with a script because of
> this special case I was not really aware of. I will be more careful here.
>> You could run bots to find these errors and illustrate them but you
>> should touch the values this way.
> You mean "should not"? I agree … This value has to be checked by a human as
> described above.
> I already run 'bots' (better called scripts in this case) to find opening_hours
> which can not be parsed: https://github.com/ypid/opening_hours.js#large-scale
> Or on a map: http://openingh.openstreetmap.de/?setLng=en
>> Though, I am happy that you did not try to delete "nach vereinbarung" as
>> some mapper did with my "appointment" but is seems that this should be
>> added as value.
> Are there any thoughts about that second rule.
> * 'nach vereinbarung' -> '"nach Vereinbarung"'
> which would only impact German values? Or are there also some special cases
> which I did not think of?
>> JOSM Validator already warns about wrong syntax but it does not accept
>> "appointment" or by "appointment".
> ? JOSM Validator for opening_hours uses the same library in the background as
> http://openingh.openstreetmap.de/evaluation_tool/
> and when I test the value '"appointment"' (excluding the single quotes) it does
> not show any warnings.

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