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> I'd like to clarify what I said before that landuse=civic_admin would be useful. It would be useful for  tagging the only the compounds where government offices are located (townhall, courthouse, etc.). I am not suggesting that schools and hospitals would use the same landuse=civic_admin tag.
> +1, I agree that we COULD have some new landuse values, there is a lot of stuff that isn't yet covered by
> the well introduced landuses, including:

This is a great post of yours. It really got me thinking about solving this, and this civic_admin stuff.  

Just thinking while typing here. in hindsight, landuse=institution is really useful with a subtag after typing all this. 

About half of these tags can be covered with landuse=institution. 

> churches and other religion related areas

landuse=institution + institution= religion (or straight landuse=religion)

 there are a lot of religious areas in Japan that have a really big area with a lot of little, unnamed buildings, gardens, event areas, and other stuff to go with the main shrines. Moreover, the shrines themselves have separate names - but the complex has it's own big famous name as well (Ex: Asakusa in Tokyo) - so a separate landuse for religion is a great tag. Also: we need to update the icons for the religions in -carto as well (there is no Japanese buddhist symbol, for example, and the shinto one is overly detailed compared to the others). 

> theatres and cinemas,

> restaurants and nightclubs

landuse=retail amenity=restaurant/cinema/discotek (sp)  *or* landuse=entertainment + entertainment=[type].

also mixes into institution=arts_centre. To me the line is live people performance and commerical art (cinema)  is in entertainment, and exibition of cultural art (art gallery/ museum) is in institution, but I dunno. 

This overlaps into a lot of different tagging systems. Hopefully subtags can unify it without the need for retagging.  This is a messy problem.

> mixed use (like you'll find for instance in the centre of the typical european city)

Shops downstairs, residential upstairs, right?

landuse=urban_mixed_use  (as opposed to a mixed use business park [retail+commercial])

> courthouses

Jails & Prisons too?  landuse=institution + institution=judicial The police side is mentioned below.

> parliaments and city counsels (and the levels in between) as well as supranational "decision making"

Landuse=institution + institution=civic_assembly

 it could cover everything from a city council to the UN building.

> institutions
> museums

Landuse=institution + institution=museum / gallery / arts_centre *or*  tourism=museum or proposed  =art gallery / amenity=arts_centre ...  

> hospitals and clinics

landuse=institution + institution=medical (or, of course Landuse=medical), as opposed to hospital. would cover chiropractic clinics, pharmacies, dentists, orthodontists, maybe even veterinary. existing amenity= or shop= would would work fine, or use medical= subtag.  using the institution here here seems weak though.

> public administration (with and without public access)

landuse=institution + institution=civic_office   

this would solve all my "civic_admin" troubles. could cover the white house down to townhalls and all the depts in between.

It's brother would be landuse=institution institution=civic_service(s)?+ existing amenity of choice,

public services like police, fire, plow stations, (ambulance 'station' too?) border patrol, immigration, park ranger stations, customs areas, the fruit and vegetable check areas on the highways between states (in the US),  Some of these are privately operated, but it is "for the public good." 

> universities and schools and colleges

landuse=institution + institution=education (or straight Landuse=education). covers just about everything, from a preschool to driving school to flight school to Jukus (private tutoring schools - "cram schools" like kumon or EFL schools) - where we really wouldn't want it tagged as amenity=school (I don't think). education=[type] also a possibility. amenity=school, to me, always is k-12. College or university is higher ed, the remainder could fall into this tag. 

> hotels etc.

landuse=hospitality + hospitality=[type] or the amenity=[type], like beach_resort (or the missing ski_resort) this could cover anything from a hostel or motel to casino or disneyland's hotel area ringing the parks.

There is a lot of hospitality things that are covered, but a few glaring omissions exist in amenity, like how to tag a skiing park - there is nothing to denote the actual landuse of the ski resort area (like there would be for a zoo, theme park, or other tourist attraction).

Hospitality is the official name for the industry of hotels and such, so it seems a good fit. 

> sports related areas


 does this mean stadiums for professional exhibition, or like a sports_centre or a skateboard park?

> water supply and waste water treatment

landuse=water_management. a tag for the off limits land around reservoirs? Where would "works" fall into this? or would it fall under utilities? (power / water / telephone / internet / garbage ) This is also a fuzzy idea. 

> electricity production and distribution
> gas ...

Landuse=energy (or power?) and can tie into the power=tag for all the myriad of power things.  They have really developed the power tag to cover many different things. May interfere with power=substation. 

> ...
> until now, most of these simply got their specific tag to say what they are without any landuse. We will have to decide if this is sufficient or if and for what we'd like to have additional landuse values.

I like the idea of broad landuses in conjunction with specific tags, either existing amenity tags or subtags for yet to be labeled things. 

I think there is just a few broad landuse tags to add, and several subtag values to consider. 

out of all these things,  =institution, =hospitality, and  =urban_mixed_use seem to be good landuse values. the others need some more hashing out. 

> What should IMHO not be done is define something with the word "administration" in it for stuff that isn't administration (courts, parliaments and counsels, senates, etc.).
I understand your concerns now. 

Landuse=institution with a subtag for it's types is really flexible. 


> Cheers,
> Martin
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