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Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Thu Mar 20 18:24:46 UTC 2014

johnw wrote:
>Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>>there is a lot of stuff that isn't yet covered by
>>the well introduced landuses, including:

And somebody mentioned  landuse=institutional at 68 uses. There's 332 cases of landuse=civil, which we have used for areas and plots used for state or municipality functions that don't fit in the industrial or commercial uses.  They ("civil features") don't exist to produce income (even if they somewhat do) so the "commerce" part is missing, but they exist because the society has deemed that it's necessary to make the things that they do happen; like kindergartens, hospitals, state ministeries, city offices, environmental agency offices, churches; and they don't exist to process or refine materials, or construct or physically maintain objects, like depots or the like (industrial). IMO normal commerial activies involve the assumption that the work people do there leads to something getting sold.

The choise between civil and some other words is hidden somewhere in the wiki, but if i remember correctly, in the end "civil" was proposed by some native English speaker.

>until now, most of these simply got their specific tag to say what they are without any landuse. 

One can assume, that most areas tagged as leisure=* are silently implying landuse=leisure, and, say, amenity=school implies landuse=education - if that's a zoning category used in that country. If they're used to zoning them differently, the local consumers can map the tags like amenity=school to their zoning style. At least here the zoning plans include areas reserved for "common" functions; usually the zoning also allows commercial use, so if there's enough private entity interest, they don't have to rezone the plot.

>theatres and cinemas,
>restaurants and nightclubs
On these, if on they have their own area, I'd go with retail or leisure.

Of the mentioned cases, the following are imo "clearly" landuse=civil:
-Jails & Prisons
-parliaments and city counsels (and the levels in between) as well as supranational "decision making"
-hospitals and clinics (here most of the private ones are inside a otherwise "commercial" building, so they wouldn't count)
-public administration (with and without public access)
-public services like police, fire, , border patrol, immigration, park ranger stations, customs areas
-universities and schools and colleges

-plow stations

-skiing park, zoo, theme park, or other tourist attraction.
-sports related areas

Naturally, one could add the subtags as proposed with landuse=institutional.


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