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2014-03-20 19:24 GMT+01:00 Kytömaa Lauri <lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi>:

> And somebody mentioned  landuse=institutional at 68 uses. There's 332
> cases of landuse=civil, which we have used for areas and plots used for
> state or municipality functions that don't fit in the industrial or
> commercial uses.  They ("civil features") don't exist to produce income
> (even if they somewhat do) so the "commerce" part is missing, but they
> exist because the society has deemed that it's necessary to make the things
> that they do happen; like kindergartens, hospitals, state ministeries, city
> offices, environmental agency offices, churches; and they don't exist to
> process or refine materials, or construct or physically maintain objects,
> like depots or the like (industrial). IMO normal commerial activies involve
> the assumption that the work people do there leads to something getting
> sold.

OK, this is interesting, and very broad.

Btw., the only docu I have found in the wiki for building=civic
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:building%3Dcivic is a little bit
strange, because it really promotes assigning the same building type to
town halls, libraries and public swimming pools ;-)

Would landuse=civic also include Concert-halls and theatres? Museums? But
only if operated by the government or not for profit?

Would you like to put up a proposal to discuss this and get some uniform
docu when to use the tag and when not?

What about a server farm? It's probably not "industrial", by common
classification I think it is put into the tertiary sector, still it is
clearly there to produce profit (like all the businesses in the tertiary
sector, e.g. telcos, mass media, hospitality industry (hotels, ski
resorts), etc.) so it won't merit the landuse=civic tag, and we are
probably still missing at least another landuse tag for those, unless it's
offices (commercial) or a waste dumping ground. Or would you see it
included in "commercial"?

...if that's a zoning category used in that country...

it shouldn't matter if and how zoning is established in the country or
region. We should have the same tagging scheme on a global level (IMHO).
The landuse tag is not about zoning, or in other words what you are allowed
to build on a given plot, but rather what is the actual current usage (on
the ground rule). Do not feel tempted to think that's the same, it often
really isn't ;-)

> -skiing park, zoo, theme park, or other tourist attraction.

I think I understand what you are after, but I wouldn't put the word
"tourist attraction" into the definition, because literally everything
interesting can become a tourist attraction, I wouldn't see this as a class
of objects on its own. A waterfall can be a tourist attraction, but this
wouldn't make it a landuse=leisure, just like many churches are tourist
attractions etc.

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