[Tagging] surface=ground/dirt/earth

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Thu Mar 20 21:52:26 UTC 2014

On Thu, 2014-03-20 at 11:50 -0300, Fernando Trebien wrote:

> Perhaps what people worry about here is "how soft" the surface is.

Trouble is Fernando, that in many cases the problem is not in fact
'softness', it could be rocks, ruts, slippery, steepness, angle
(left/right) and lots more. The biggest issue along the Kennedy for
example is large ruts or washaways in the road that can be difficult to
see. Ruts are typically caused by the very large trucks used up there to
move cattle or mining equipment and the washaways by the occasional, but
intense, rain.

> reminds me of how smoothness=very_bad is defined: high_clearance.

I have to admit that my problem with smoothness= is that its values seem
so judgmental.  The delightful road that I live on would be described as
'bad' ????   Many Australians drive huge distances for the challenge of
driving on roads smoothness=very_horrible. 

Just like 'softness' does not cover all issue, neither does
'smoothness'. smoothness= has a very good set of values and is well
documented but not well used because of the name, smoothness, is
incomplete and the values just a little offensive !

> David, I tried to search for images of the "Kennedy Development Rd" in
> Queensland but none of the images I got would be tagged as
> tracktype=grade5. Do you have any example or any similar picture for
> what you've experienced? Or maybe a coordinate that we can have a peek
> at on Street View (either Google's or OpenStreetView)?

The northern sections of the Kennedy are in excellent condition, the
'interesting' bits are between the junction of the Gregory Dev Rd and,
further south, the town of Hughenden. Street View does not go there.
And, quite stupidly, we did not stop to take any photos. The road it
self is very wide, mainly because the big trucks just swing wider when
they come to sections that worry even them. That width is a blessing as
you can get out of the way of one of those trucks when you see it
approach. Its usually necessary to stop for awhile when you do encounter
a big truck, the dust they put in the air makes driving quite unsafe.

>From what I understand, you have roads in similar condition in your part
of the world ?


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