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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 20:55:40 UTC 2014

> Craig said:
>What is the point in mapping roads where the gritter drives, if it is
>not gritting there? How is that useful for anyone?

In the UK any government data based on a map tends to be derived from the
national mapping agency and as such creates licence issues. We therefore
opt to use the gritting "route schedules". These are literally a list of
instructions in the form:

* Leave depot, turn Right
* GRIT to end of road, turn left
* TRAVEL to main street, turn left
* GRIT to ...

and so on...

I'm in two minds about whether to map the route as a relation, but I have
to follow the route on the map just to work out which roads are gritted and
which are not, so I may add it at the same time. Also if I add them to OSM
then I can demonstrate a benefit to the local council - they could use the
OSM data in a navigation device in the gritting trucks (thus ensuring that
the correct route is followed every time and that excess grit is not


p.s. For some context, whether a road is gritted or not is quite important
in the UK as we are lazy and don't tend to bother with winter tyres/chains
etc.. There is a fine balance between gritting more so that the roads are
kept moving (economic and safety benefit) and gritting less to reduce
direct costs and the corrosion/environmental cost of excess salt/grit.
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