[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Voting Extended - amenity=boat_sharing

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Sat Mar 29 13:13:06 UTC 2014

On 29/03/2014 12:41, nounours77 wrote:
> As discussed in my earlier post, I think voting is important even for specific service tags to make them offical.

Not really - OSM doesn't have "official" tags.  It has "commonly used" 
ones, and people agree not to use the same tag to mean different things, 
but a lack of interest in a "proposal" is a pretty good indicator that, 
er, no one is actually interested.

If you think that something is important enough to be mapped, then map 
it!  If you think people are using different tags to express what is 
essentially the same concept, discuss it with those people to see if it 
is the same concept or if there are nuances that anyone is missing.  
Please don't expect people who have no knowledge of the real-world 
concept that you're trying to capture to be able to offer a useful opinion.

Re the comments in your parent message:

 > Please, what is your vision of OSM? A or B?

It's neither.  It's a big pile of data, which contains things that 
everyone and no-one are interested, but which are _verifiable_.  It's 
easy to combine that data with other data, both on the fly in an 
application or statically beforehand.

Re OsmAnd, if you want an OsmAnd map to contain your tag, then simply 
make your own maps containing that tag:


(from the contents section at the top of the first page of the OsmAnd wiki)

There are as many potential maps as mappers - please don't be 
discouraged that a majority of the extremely broad range of OSM mappers 
don't find some niche feature relevant, as that's true of almost all of 
the "long tail" of tags that differentiates OSM from top-down-mandated 
alternatives such as Google et al.



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