[Tagging] What is OSM: a base layer for individual maps, or a fully featured geobased information system?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Mar 30 11:50:19 UTC 2014


On 29.03.2014 13:41, nounours77 wrote:
> BUT: I asked OsmAnd to render the tag, and the
> answer was - quite understandable: "/Only officially supported tags will
> be rendered/". 

This is silly. How do they define "officially supported tag"? There's no
such thing in OpenStreetMap.

I suspect the what the OsmAnd people really mean is "we can't render
every little thing else the map becomes unreadable". Which certainly is
correct but at the same time means they will have their own rules and
ideas about what to show and what not.

(If you should be under the impression that once a tag has gone through
a proposal it will magically show up on openstreetmap.org then you're

> My answer to this would be: make a reasonable, understandable, clear and
> clean tagging scheme, discuss it, vote it, document it. If done
> properly, the data will come and the rendering as well.

The danger of that is that it will stifle development more than the
current free-for-all because no tagging scheme can be complete, and
extensions would then always have to go over big hurdles.

> Please, what is your vision of OSM? A or B?

There is no logical link between your scenarios "A" and "B" and having a
fixed tagging schema or not.


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