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If the timber is on the ground, then the forest is exploited: landuse=forest.
Later on, if you have other information, and if new trees aren't growing, then you can change.

On 4 mai 2014 15:29:12 UTC+02:00, Thomas Gertin <tgertin at gmail.com> wrote:
>Thanks fly and everyone else to responding to my deforestation
>question. I don't really know if it is better to use landcover or land
>use because the areas were deforested at one point and you can see the
>fallen tress on the ground, but it is unsure how the land 
>will be used next. I do not see grass on the ground but dirt. I am
>thinking it would be good to use something like landcover = bare_ground
>(as a new user, I'm a little confused on the differences between
>natural and landcover tags).  -Tom
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>> 2014-04-29 15:19 GMT+02:00 fly <lowflight66 at googlemail.com>:
>>> Are you talking about landcover or landuse ?
>>> If the trees where cut and new ones are growing this is still
>>> landuse=forest.
>>> If there are plans for building houses this might be
>>> and later on landuse=construction.
>>> landuse=farm is deprecated, please use farmland or farmyard.
>> +1
>>> landuse=grass also is not a good choice as it is ambigious. Either
>>> landuse=meadow or maybe landcover=grass
>> +1, landuse=grass does not make sense, as "grass" is not a "use", use
>> landcover=grass for grass covered areas, and landuse=meadow, if it is
>> meadow.
>> cheers,
>> Martin
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