[Tagging] capital and state_capital: how are they being used in your country?

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Mon May 19 02:56:18 UTC 2014

Am 5/19/14 02:27 , schrieb Fernando Trebien:
> Oberallgäu is currently mapped as a political (not an administrative)
> boundary, so Sonthofen would be neither a capital, nor an
> administrative center of any relation. Correctly, its node has no
> capital=* or admin_level=* tags.


> for the sake of clarity, I think it would be acceptable if we agreed
> that:
> - we place capital=* on actual capitals (not any admin_centre), since
> using numbers is more flexible than capital=yes and state_capital=yes
> (equivalent to capital=2 and capital=4)
> - what the admin_centre role refers to is a government seat, and in
> some rare situations there may be more than one
> - we define a "capital" role in administrative boundary relations for
> those rare cases where capital and government seat are different
> cities

I simply don't like the idea of duplicate redundandant tags for the sake 
of there renderer, when the only argument in favour of it so far seems 
to be less effort to calculate it. Especially when looking for a long 
term solution and considering how different this is in different 
countries with all the exceptions. Not to mention that OpenStreetMap is 
a database in the first place.

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