[Tagging] shop: area or way?

Markus Semm msemm at enaikoon.de
Sun May 25 07:08:30 UTC 2014

Hi all,
I´m currently trying to improve the wiki in regards of shops=*.
While preparing this activity I found a discrepancy where I would need your guidance.

Example: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop=shoes

In the green box in the top right corner in section "Used on these elements" ways are NOT allowed for shop=shoes but areas are allowed.
This makes sense if buildings are considered to be areas because lots of shops are inside buildings or they form an area themselves.

The TAGinfo box at the bottom of the same green box, most likely created with something like {{#tag:osmtaginfo||key=shop|value=shoes}}, states that reality is opposite: no area exists with this tag but many ways do.

I guess that the main reason for this discrepancy is that buildings are ways but not areas.

My question is:
this discrepancy is not optimal for a wiki that aims to give as clear rules as possible especially for newbies.
What is your idea how we could fix this issue?

Cheers Markus
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