[Tagging] highway=track access

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Fri May 30 17:29:38 UTC 2014

Dave F. wrote:
> I believe byway shouldn't be deprecated. In my area most of them are 
> signed as just 'byway' on the ground. 

I think that it varies greatly by area.  Some highway authorities use 
just "Byway"; some have more explicit signage; some in some cases none 
at all.

>  I think many that have been tagged with designation=* have been 
> sourced from OS data.

There's always the risk that people who didn't quite "get the memo" do 
this (just as the occasional "source=Google Maps" still appears).  I can 
think of one example back in 2012:


where a number of externally-sourced designations seemed to be used.  
I've since resurveyed a fair number of those, and in many cases they 
were now signed as byways; where they weren't I changed the designation 
back to the signage on the ground.  Here's one example of an area that 
on resurvey was actually far more complicated than either my original 
tagging or what it had been armchaired to:


Can you think of a specific example where something has been tagged with 
designation=*, isn't signed on the ground and must have been sourced 
from the OS (or other incompatible data)?



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