[Tagging] Pathways with steep vertical slopes, accessed via climbing chains

johnw johnw at mac.com
Tue Nov 4 03:28:23 UTC 2014

Went hiking on mt Miyogi yesterday in Gunma, and like other steep mountain parks, sections of the trail were near vertical or completely vertical sections of trail that have to be climbed by chains and occasional footholds.  the longest was over 30m. the shortest was about 4m. 


someone posted up the route they took, and the hiking maps show the easier trail in blue (his yellow route, it goes over a section of chain.) and the dangerous ones in red. 
Chains area also used to show access to features near the trail via chain assisted climbing

The current tail map needs to be expanded, and I want to work on that. but I’m wondering how to visually show that chains are necessary. I know other trails in other countries have similar permanent guide fixtures (cables, ropes, ladders in the rock,) where normal hikers are expected to use them.

now, you might think that this is considered climbing, and you’d have a helmet, but people were scampering up the rocks, old guys and 10 year olds alike.  These “blue” sections were considered passable by regular hikers, and the upper level sections of the mountain were all marked for professional climbers (“red” routes with the red 危 splat) because a slip off the trail or the chain would mean death (200m drops). 

is there some method to tagging these that is rendered (that’s not steps) to visually show that chains or other assist devices are used?
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