[Tagging] natural=ridge vs natural=arete

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Thu Nov 6 06:02:31 UTC 2014

On 05.11.2014 12:23, Richard Z. wrote:
> Another reason I don't like current arete/ridge state is that some ridges are
> very long - and they may be partially arete and ridge in different segments.
> Having a way that is tagged partially as natural=ridge and partially as 
> natural=arete seems like a bad idea.

Subtags make it even worse, because they require to split the way a couple
of times. Most renderers label every part separately; and whenever someone
searches for the ridge name, Nominatim will deliver multiple parts instead
of the whole ridge.

Therefore, it's better to tag the name on one long way, and you may make it
natural=ridge and add some additional and nameless natural=arete where you
want renderers to display arete signatures (i.e. double sided cliffs).

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