[Tagging] natural=ridge vs natural=arete

Alan Trick alantrick at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 17:08:41 UTC 2014

Mateusz: "arĂȘte" is usually spelled "arete" in my experience (reading
climbing websites).

I don't like natural=arete much, partly for the reasons mateusz outlines,
and partly because of ambiguity in the meaning of the term. My familiarity
with the term comes from being a mountaineer in western Canada. Most of the
things that the Wikipedia refers to as aretes are coloquially called ridges
here, and the term arete typically refers to a steep ridgeline (not unlike
a buttress, or maybe a spur).

In addition to this, most people have never heard the term arete (it is
mountaineer/geologist jaron) and so I suspect that this will just end up
causing confusion.
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