[Tagging] governmental / public_administrative landuse are not commercial

phil at trigpoint.me.uk phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Fri Nov 7 09:04:46 UTC 2014

On Fri Nov 07 2014 07:30:30 GMT+0000 (GMT), Colin Smale wrote:
> I would not expect the landuse value of the municipal bus company's HQ
> to change if the bus company was privatised... Only the ownership will
> have changed, nothing else. Actually, as the buildings are probably
> leased from a property company anyway, even that would stay the same.
> Just the shareholders of the company would different. 
> So I would suggest "civic" or "government" or whatever should only be
> applied where the activities taking place there are actually "civic
> administration" - council meetings, committees, births/deaths/marriages,
> highways,..... i.e. the core business of a local authority as defined in
> law. Sidelines like running transport companies or sports grounds are
> not "landuse=civic" to my mind. 

I totally agree Colin, it would be equally ridiculous to tag schools or parks as civic.

Phil (trigpoint )

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