[Tagging] Dispute with user over changing wiki page

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Tue Nov 11 20:23:07 UTC 2014

Hi Pee Wee,

Am 2014-11-11 um 19:20 schrieb Pee Wee:
> Thanks Micheal
> I thought I just wait some days for other to reply but unfortunately no
> more then yours.  The question we still have is : What can we do? I suppose
> the DWG will only block when harm is done to the OSM database and not on
> any wiki pages. Anyone else for a recommendation as to what we can do?

I was asked by DWG for advice in the case of ulamm. At that time he was
reported the third or fourth time to DWG (the first report was about his
"vandalism" in Poland and reported by myself in June). At that time
(this was in September) there was nothing which would have justified a
block. But it was obvious that he was the problem. In almost all debates
between him and the community, he was alone with his opion, everyone
else disagreed with him.

DWG told him in their last official message cleary that he would be
blocked (indefinitely) if complains about him continue in order to save
peace inside community. They told him that it is not ok to modify
tagging documentation to use these modified wiki pages as evidence for
his arguments.

I, as "adivsor", have got a copy of this official message on 4th October
2014. But it covers whole OSM – database, wiki etc.

My first message was sent to DWG in CC. I think they have a look at this
issue soon (Frederik has handled it the last time). Maybe I have to ask
him in a few days.

Best regards


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