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Mon Nov 17 12:19:26 UTC 2014

2014-11-17 12:10 GMT+01:00 althio forum <althio.forum at gmail.com>:

FWIW, the term "man_made=street_cabinet" has just been approved by almost
unanimous voting. Why does this discussion start now?

> is implicitly rejecting 'countryside cabinet' or cabinets in
> motorways, parks, fields, train stations, airports and so on.

IMHO it is not. Don't read this "overliterally".

> man_made=technical_cabinet
> is quite generic. Is it excluding any kind of non-technical cabinet? I
> guess containers and collecting points are out of the scope with other
> tagging schemes, aren't they?

it is including all kind of indoor cabinets (which typically serve
different purpose, i.e. are part of a factory or similar and serve a single

> man_made=outdoor_cabinet
> is also quite generic. Is it excluding any kind of cabinet?

it is including all kind of weather proof cabinets like the one in my
garden or on the balcony to store the tools (I think). Too generic IMHO.

> man_made=cabinet
> is very generic, can serve as basis for a lot of equipment and
> applications, can be refined with namespace/subkey.

way too generic IMHO. Every tagging scheme has to find the right way
between too generic and too specific, but typically very broad terms that
don't say much and require additional tags to make sense are working less
well in our environment (e.g. highway=bus_stop works better with the common
tools than the newer public transport scheme which still cannot be used by
the osm-cartostyle because of missing information (no bus-key in the
rendering db)). This might be also seen as problem of dataconsumers which
rely on dedicated columns for every single key they want to know about (and
can be resolved by using different data storage methods like hstore

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