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Mon Nov 17 14:14:50 UTC 2014

Martin, Jean-Marc, I appreciate the feedback. You are voicing some
good elements. I am not totally convinced yet about generic vs
specific. Fairly generic tag like 'man_made=cabinet' sounds very
sensible as first level. Furthermore I do feel other proposal I have
seen like 'street_' and 'technical_' are not necessary and not even

[Derailing a bit]
IMO it is a poor justification to compare a brand new tag (here
'street_cabinet') with the 10-year old established name of the project
Even more... Historical justification is sometimes inevitable but
often it is rather unsatisfactory in my mind.
If the name of the project 'Openstreetmap' could be easily changed or
created today... maybe something else (better?) would appear instead.
Not the subject here.

[Not too serious]
We have street_lamp [could be lamp, lamppost, light_source] and now
street_cabinet [could be technical_cabinet, outdoor_cabinet,
I don't want street_tree_row, street_pole, street_surveillance,
street_bicycle_parking, street_atm, street_clock, street_post_box, and
But who want to play street_hockey and enjoy street_art? :)
[/Not too serious]


Back to our cabinets?

Have a nice day

On Mon, Nov 17, 2014 at 2:05 PM, Jean-Marc Liotier <jm at liotier.org> wrote:
> On 17/11/2014 13:19, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> man_made=street_cabinet
>> is implicitly rejecting 'countryside cabinet' or cabinets in
>> motorways, parks, fields, train stations, airports and so on.
> IMHO it is not. Don't read this "overliterally".
> Indeed - like 'Openstreetmap' which, as some may have noticed, is not
> actually all about streets...
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