[Tagging] Main Distribution Frame added to man_made template

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 12:05:43 UTC 2014

2014-11-19 12:04 GMT+01:00 Tom Pfeifer <t.pfeifer at computer.org>:

> Further, it is a 3-letter acronym which could mean different things.
> Acronyms are generally not suitable for OSM, oops, Openstreetmap.

yes, and it is written in capital letters, while formal tags should stick
to lower case. While I share your concerns, this is a "historic" tag and
the docu is documenting the defacto state (more than 7000 of these already
in the data): http://taginfo.osm.org/search?q=man_made%3DMDF

Regarding the "it is only one functional component inside a telco central
office building": you could read this as describing a location of a telco
installation with also a MDF present on the site. Maybe an attribute (to
add to a telco site) would have been better. This data, while it might not
be surveyable on site, is publicly available in Germany:

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