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On 11/27/14 6:48 PM, johnw wrote:
> I think having it on the relation is a great idea, especially since 
> adding the tags to all the road segments sounds like an insane amount 
> of tagging . Is this something that we should ask Phil to create a 
> formal proposal page for the tags, so we can start adding symbol key 
> values to relations? I think the hard thing is to actually get things 
> tagged.
the basic scheme doesn't require anything new or unusual in
route relation tagging, just care and consistency.
> The only suggestion I have is that we make it able to handle two or 
> three - as putting the ref in a symbol is good, but we should be able 
> to add a second one as well, to cover different situations where the 
> relation is part of an even larger system (like the California scenic 
> highway system, or similar.) - or would that just be another single 
> icon applied to a different relation (or super-relation) that shares 
> some of the segments, and they just both get their single symbol 
> rendered? In some cases the symbol rendered would not need to use the 
> ref from the road.
well, multiple relations are handled decently in Phil's system.

here is an example from Albany & Rensselaer NY:


where you can see interstate shields, US highway shields,
NY state highway shields, and county route shields (the
blue pentagonal shields). note the primary of US 9 & US 20;
there is a relation for each of those highways and Phil's code
handles the case well.

more specialized shields are handled as well; here is
an example of a NY State parkway system shield on
the Taconic State Parkway:



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