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I think having it on the relation is a great idea, especially since adding the tags to all the road segments sounds like an insane amount of tagging . Is this something that we should ask Phil to create a formal proposal page for the tags, so we can start adding symbol key values to relations? I think the hard thing is to actually get things tagged. 

I think this could extend also to the basic country amenities where the iconography differs (AKA police shields in the US, the police star in Japan; The Buddhist wheel in India, the Sauwastika in Japan) as well as other relation icons, such as train lines and whatnot. Tokyo metro uses distinct colored circles with a single letter  for their lines http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Metro#List_of_Tokyo_Metro_lines <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Metro#List_of_Tokyo_Metro_lines>. It would be great to add some kind of line symbols to the map to break up the sea of train stations into something more recognizable. 

The only suggestion I have is that we make it able to handle two or three - as putting the ref in a symbol is good, but we should be able to add a second one as well, to cover different situations where the relation is part of an even larger system (like the California scenic highway system, or similar.) - or would that just be another single icon applied to a different relation (or super-relation) that shares some of the segments, and they just both get their single symbol rendered? In some cases the symbol rendered would not need to use the ref from the road. 


> On Nov 28, 2014, at 1:09 AM, Richard Welty <rwelty at averillpark.net> wrote:
> On 11/27/14 10:39 AM, Tod Fitch wrote:
>> If I recall correctly from a discussion on the Talk-us list a while back, the preferred way in the US is now to specify the shield in a route relation. I did not follow the discussion fully but my impression is that the tagging allowed for custom specification of the shield. It looks like https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Interstate_Highway_relations shows the route relation tagging with symbol=* specifying a url to the shield symbol svg.
> actually, specifying the shield with a URL for an svg file was an older
> approach.
> the approach that Phil Gold uses in his demo is a little different;
> the shield is not specified in the tagging. it does require route relations.
> the ref and network tags on the relation are used as indices to tables
> in the shield render to pick out what shield should be used. for example,
> for NY 2, the route relation has tags
> network=US:NY
> ref=2
> and those values are used to select the shield to be rendered.
> for county routes, the network tagging is extended like this:
> network=US:NY:Rensselaer
> ref=130
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