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> Distribution logistics is the *planning* of moving goods from a factory to the customer - the post office isn't a logistics company. Fedex or UPS, wich will pick up, store, warehouse, and ship another company's goods as they request them to be shipped to the customer for them is a Distribution Logistics company. - they plan it (to guarantee delivery) and move it all too.   
> It seems that Haulage is like for ore transport or bulk goods - not something you'd do with a truck on the highway. 
> I think it is something commonly described as a logistics company. 
> Courrier just delivers a package for a to b for a fee, like a local or regional delivery company. 
> maybe 
> commercial=logistics &
> logistics=Distribution
> logistics=Courrier
> logistics=Trucking  to pick up the remainder, as there are a myriad of special delivery places - piano movers, livestock delivery, boat movers,  for example. 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truck_driver#Job_categories

missed a couple:

logistics would also cover the intermodal companies - moving shipping containers from boat to train to truck, as well as moving companies (people who move your house contents to another house) and storage/delivery companies. 

logistics=yard   [for freight yards]
logistics=warehouse [for the gigantic warehouses they use]
logistics= movers

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