[Tagging] what does maxheight=none mean?

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Fri Oct 24 23:10:48 UTC 2014

Personally, i use maxheight = x  + maxheight:physical=x for these, but saying that signs are the only thing that can be tagged gives bad data.

You may not collide with a bridge, signed or unsigned. Ultrasound range finders can sometimes be purchased for under 10 euros, so without a sign there may still be a real maximum possible height for a vehicle passing under that - bridge or any other - construction.

In most countries, "no sign" should only guarantee that a vehicle under the local legal limit can expect not to hit any permanent structures, unless they have signs. Should, but not necessarily would.

Statements to the effect that any tags can only refer to signposted limits do not represent the original usages of the tag - only some access tags referred to legal accessibility.


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Aihe: Re: [Tagging] what does maxheight=none mean?

On 24.10.2014 20:53, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
> I stumbled over some maxheight=none tags on motorways, that did not even
> pass under a bridge. I found that this is the most frequent value of
> maxheight (2889 of 41474).
> For bridges without sign, there is no recommendation in the English wiki,
> however the German wiki proposes maxheight=unsigned (290 uses), also used
> is maxheight=default (303) and =unspecified (2).
> I would recommend to add maxheight=unsigned to the English and other wiki
> pages, and list maxheight=none as incorrect tagging.

I don't like either of these (maxheight=none/unsigned/default/unspecified),
because we should map what we see. If there is no sign, there is nothing to
map. Applications can make their assumptions on their own.

Please remove the nonsensical and nonstandard maxheight=unsigned from the
german wiki instead of polluting other pages with it.

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