[Tagging] what does maxheight=none mean?

John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
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Speaking of "permanent structures", is there a recommended way of tagging a maxheight that is temporarily lower, such as when scaffolding is erected under a bridge for painting or repairs? 

On October 24, 2014 6:10:48 PM CDT, "Kytömaa Lauri" <lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi> wrote:
>Personally, i use maxheight = x  + maxheight:physical=x for these, but
>saying that signs are the only thing that can be tagged gives bad data.
>You may not collide with a bridge, signed or unsigned. Ultrasound range
>finders can sometimes be purchased for under 10 euros, so without a
>sign there may still be a real maximum possible height for a vehicle
>passing under that - bridge or any other - construction.
>In most countries, "no sign" should only guarantee that a vehicle under
>the local legal limit can expect not to hit any permanent structures,
>unless they have signs. Should, but not necessarily would.
>Statements to the effect that any tags can only refer to signposted
>limits do not represent the original usages of the tag - only some
>access tags referred to legal accessibility.
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>Aihe: Re: [Tagging] what does maxheight=none mean?
>On 24.10.2014 20:53, Tom Pfeifer wrote:
>> I stumbled over some maxheight=none tags on motorways, that did not
>> pass under a bridge. I found that this is the most frequent value of
>> maxheight (2889 of 41474).
>> For bridges without sign, there is no recommendation in the English
>> however the German wiki proposes maxheight=unsigned (290 uses), also
>> is maxheight=default (303) and =unspecified (2).
>> I would recommend to add maxheight=unsigned to the English and other
>> pages, and list maxheight=none as incorrect tagging.
>I don't like either of these
>because we should map what we see. If there is no sign, there is
>nothing to
>map. Applications can make their assumptions on their own.
>Please remove the nonsensical and nonstandard maxheight=unsigned from
>german wiki instead of polluting other pages with it.
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