[Tagging] How to tag severely destroyed forest track?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 14:56:36 UTC 2014

2014-10-27 15:22 GMT+01:00 Ronnie Soak <chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com>:

> It may be usable on foot if dried out over a long time or if frozen.

yes, this is a general problem with unpaved ways that usability might
(depending on the actual composition and grain size) heavily depend on the
weather conditions, especially humidity and temperature.

> tracktype does not offer a solution for this, as worse grades are
> described as being closer to undisturbed nature, while the opposite is the
> case here.

actually tracktype is not about "undisturbed nature", it is about how much
the way is built up and how much not, in combination with actual smoothness
/ usability (i.e. it is somehow subjective). In your case it would probably
be a tracktype=grade5 because otherwise the way would not have been damaged
that much ;-)

> sac_scale comes to mind, but this is a track not a path and it has nothing
> to do with alpine hiking.

+1, wouldn't use it

> track_visibility does also not cover this, as these tracks are if anything
> MORE visible now.


> Even surface or smoothness can't describe this, as simply tagging this
> bumpy and muddy does not do the situation justice. (And they are not picked
> up by enough renders/routers, for which we of course do not tag.)

IMHO surface can still be useful to describe the surface and smoothness to
describe the lack of smoothness.

I'd go for surface=earth and tracktype=grade5 and maybe a smoothness
indication (not sure what are currently suggested values, maybe
very_horrible ;-) ). When the surface material is soft the unevenness might
fix itself with the rain in the next months anyway.

What do you mean by "unusable by foot"? Is this about getting your shoes
and trousers dirty or would you have to climb "artificial cliffs"?

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