[Tagging] mixed guesthouse/hotel with restaurants (was Re: [OSM-talk] Release openstreetmap-carto v2.23.0)

Holger Jeromin mailgmane at katur.de
Thu Oct 30 14:15:37 UTC 2014

Andreas Labres wrote on 30.10.2014 15:06:
> There are some different terms for lodging, bed & breakfast, guest house,
> boarding house, pension, inn, hostel, motel, appartment house (?), chalet, and
> hotel. Guest house seems to be (plz correct me) a generic term for bed &
> breakfast as well as pension as well as inn. Maybe these should be sortet out
> somewhat useful... and it should be matched with, say, our German terms.
> BTW, rendering of typical "Gasthaus/Gasthof" which mainly is a restaurant as
> well as offers some rooms to stay -> these should be rendered differently than a
> guest house! Currently they are rendered like a pension, omitting the (most
> important) restaurant part.

Can you give an example?

omittes the guest_house information.

rendering both (hotel or guesthouse with restaurant) was rejected here
as a wrong tagging:


Holger Jeromin

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